Malcesine Italy

Monte Baldo Cable Car

Monte Baldo forms an impressive backdrop to Malcesine and the cable car service to the top is one of the most popular tourist locations on Lake Garda. In summer time visitors can admire the stunning views from the top, mountain bike down, choose from a selection of hiking routes, or even take off from the top with a paraglider.

In winter there is even a small ski area (with a maximum of three ski lifts) if the temperatures and weather co-operate.

Paraglider taking off from Monte Baldo on Lake Garda
Paraglider on Monte Baldo, Malcesine

Monte Baldo Lift Station

The bottom station of the Monte Baldo cable car is located just uphill from the main coastal road in Malcesine and can be easily reached on foot from the old town and the main ferry port. There is an underground car park in the building but capacity can often be overwhelmed in high season.

Tickets are purchased from the the windows on the terrace just above the road - again in high season or at busy periods such as weekends, there can be long queues. Tickets can also be purchased at the tourist office and at some participating hotel receptions, which can avoid the wait at the ticket windows in busy periods. However there still may be a lengthy wait oncde a ticket has been purchased and a time slot allocated.

The best option in high season is to go as early as possible in the morning.

The lifts to the top are in two stages, with the second stage being the famous panoramic rotating cable cars.
More information and online ticket booking from the Monte Baldo lift company:

The cable car at Malcesine
The Malcesine cable car up Monte Baldo

Things to do on Monte Baldo

The view from Monte Baldo is absolutely stunning on a good day so plenty of visitors are quite happy to sit in the sunshine and take in the panoramic views in each direction. (If planning a trip up Monte Baldo it is a very good idea to check the weather forecast for the day as clouds can suddenly appear and dramatically lower visibility. Likewise, it can be colder at the top than many people expect - plenty of visitors take a fleece or top with them.)

There is a network of hiking trails along the ridge to different vantage points. Keen walkers can trek up to the high refuge at 2080 metres in altitude (700 metres climb and 300 metres descent from the top of the cable car). Those less inclined to tire themselves out can try a couple of easier circular routes from the top station.

The view to the north of Lake Garda from Monte Baldo at Malcesine
The view towards Riva and Torbole from the top of Monte Baldo

Mountain bikers will find a marked network of biking trails on both elevations of the mountain. Lake Garda is famed for its mountain biking options and the Monte Baldo area is one of the highpoints for its views and its challenges.

There are far more observers than there are participants when it comes to paragliding from Monte Baldo. But those who need an extra bit of adrenaline in their lives can try a tandem paraglide flight from one of the local companies.