Malcesine Italy

Malcesine, Italy

Malcesine is the main settlement along the narrow strip of flatter land on the eastern side of the lake running north from Garda through to Torbole and Riva del Garda. It is one of the most attractive settlements on the whole lake and has drawn writers and artists down through the centuries who come to admire the lovely setting and the reminders of history in the town.

What to see

Malcesine's Scaliger castle is a reminder of the strategic position of the town and the battles that were fought over who controlled this important fortification. More information:
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Where to stay

Malcesine is popular with holiday makers who are looking for a relaxing time on the lake shore and with sports enthusiasts who are aiming to take advantage of the lake or Monte Baldo behind the town. All are catered for with a wide range of accommodation in the town or along the coastal road. More information:
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How to get there

Malcesine can be reached from the north or south and both have their own advantages depending on where a visitor is coming from. Our map and advice about the easiest ways to get there on our travel page should give you some ideas about what's best for you:
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The harbour at Malcesine
The harbour at Malcesine

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